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Liposomes Wrinkle Toning Creme with Alpha-Hydroxy & Sunscreen  

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Step 1. Here is what you will receive.

Imagine a creme that actually makes you look younger! You'll feel younger, too, looking at your newly toned skin! It's Jeune Cie Liposomes Wrinkle Toning Creme with Alpha-Hydroxy and Sunscreen.

 - Sold Successfully for 10 Years! 
 - Over 1/2 million satisfied customers.
 - Not available in stores.

"I erased decades of wrinkles in just 45 days!
You can, too . . . for FREE!"
Jeune Cie Liposomes Creme with Alpha-Hydroxy & Sunscreen

   Size: 1.5 oz.
  • Deep moisturizing - natural feel
  • Brighter, more youthful appearance
  • Protection against harmful UV rays
  • Smoother feeling skin - healthy glow
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines

Yours Free - A $24.95 Value
No Purchase Necessary Ever!

You will receive a FREE 45-day supply. See for yourself just how amazing this miracle creme is.

For a beautiful, flawless complexion at any age.

Liposomes, developed in the laboratories of Europe, aid in the skin's natural moisturizing process to keep your skin soft, vibrant and young looking. 

Have younger looking skin again.

Apply generously to face with extra care to dry skin and wrinkle areas. May be used under makeup.

"Salon Results in 45 Days"

Step 2.  Read the terms and conditions.
1.   I will receive a free trial of Jeune Cie Liposomes Creme with Alpha-Hydroxy &  Sunscreen.  Size: 1.5 oz.  A 45-day supply.
2. I pay only $5.95 for shipping and handling for my Free introductory supply of Jeune Cie Creme.  I can pay using VISA, Master Card, or mail in a check payment.  I can complete my order using this SECURE website or I can phone in my credit card information.
3. Once convinced that this amazing creme works, I will be enrolled as a Jeune Cie Liposome Creme member and I will receive a fresh supply every 45 days.  I understand it will be sent to me automatically and I will pay only $24.95 plus $5.95 shipping & handling plus applicable sales tax, if any, for each jar I keep.
4. I may cancel at any time simply by notifying Aek-Ta Cosmetics either by using the website member update form or by notifying Aek-Ta Cosmetics in writing.
5. Jeune Cie UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. Use Jeune Cie Liposomes Creme daily. When you do, you must be absolutely satisfied with it's revitalizing properties, or simply return any unopened jar for a full refundNo Questions Asked.
6. I can change the frequency of shipments at any time by using the member section of the website.
7. I am entitled to this offer only if I have never tried this product before.
8. This offer is limited to one per household.


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If you agree to the terms and conditions stated above, then click on the Order Free Trial button to complete your order so that we can rush you your free 45 day supply.

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